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To benefit from Continuous Partnership with Salon Exchange, you can become a member. Salon Exchange membership is based on quarterly membership dues and does not require long term commitment. You only maintain the membership if it is beneficial for you.

Here are several benefits of Salon Exchange membership:


Maintaining Value Systems. We maintain the systems we have set up for you to continuously estimate the value of your business.


Implementing Best Practices. We recommend and implement, with your approval, best practices that we have tested, with the goal to increase the value of your salon. It is different from attending an industry conference, our best practices are actually proven to work and we see through their implementation.

Outsourcing Business Tasks. You could outsource to us accounting, marketing, and other tasks if you think we can do these task more effectively or cost efficiently. Salon Exchange could continue to perform these task even if you choose to discontinue your membership, as these task have a separate fee schedule, and independent from the membership.

Making Business Value Liquid. Our Value Systems would continuously estimate the value of your business. We will support this valuation by maintaining our conditional offer to invest or purchase minority or majority of the interest in your business much quicker, compare to conventional methods. 


Retire an Owner. When you decide to sell a majority interest in your business, you can maintain a minority position. Salon Exchange will run the operation and you will receive regular cash payments based on the portion of your ownership. With built in buy/sell provisions, you could buy the businesss back from Salon Exchange, if your desire.

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