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Initial Free


You need to learn if Salon Exchange can benefit your business, and we need to learn more about your business in order to determine if we could be helpful to you. To get to know each other is the logical first step.

When you contact us, we will schedule a phone consultation at the convenient time. During the consultation, we will create your profile and ask you some basic questions about your business, plans, and desires, so we can better understand how we can be helpful. We can share with you our background, methods, and objectives. This will allow us to get to know each other better and determine the next step. There are no obligations and it is not a sales pitch. We are counting on long term relationship and true value creation. Our objective is to increase the value of your business and preserve it for years to come.


The Initial Free Consultation may have several phone appointments, and in some cases personal visits. It is a great benefit to you that a qualified third party, after looking at the basic information, would give you an outside opinion of the sate of the business and its potential.

We are not a broker who is looking for a commission on sale of your business. Salon Exchange is a salon operator, and ultimately is an investor when you are ready to invite us.

Please fill out the contact form bellow to begin the journey.

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