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Value Systems

What are the Value Systems? These are the systems we use to establish our Initial Valuation of your business and these systems, when set up, will continuously estimate the value of your business at any point in the future.​ The work on setting up the system is done on a fee basis, which we discuss with you during the Initial Free Consultation.

The Value Systems will allow you to manage your salon with maximizing its value as one of the business objectives and allow for your business to generate and maximize regular cash payouts to you.


These Value Systems will make tremendous difference to your business as it did to others before. It is like a beacon, a light at the end of the tunnel, that guides your business decisions.

Once these systems are set, you can use and maintain them yourself, or for a small quarterly fee, you can become a member of Salon Exchange network. In that case, we will maintain these Value Systems for as long as you are a member.

Salon Exchange membership caries other valuable benefits as well, and does not require long term commitment. You keep Salon Exchange membership as long as it is beneficial for you.


Please see Continuous Partnership section of the website.

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