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for Our Industry

Wealth Creation

Many salons are profitable businesses, in witch owners put their love and years of effort. Salon Exchange creates the market and conditions where this effort is recognized and valued appropriately, when owners can count on the value of their salons at retirement.

Best Practices

There are many great ideas and best practices owners hear about at the industry conferences and meetings. Salon Exchange actually employs advanced practices from its portfolio salons that are proven to enhance the value of the business.


The share owners of publicly traded companies can sell their shares in seconds. Currently it is not quick or easy to sell a salon business. Salon Exchange is working to make the level of liquidity, that exists for publicly traded companies, possible in the salon industry.

Greater Value

Our industry is alive and ever-changing. New trends and methods emerge continuously. Salon businesses that adapt and create greater value for all stakeholders: customers, stylists, and business owners are thriving. Employee based salons have an advantage in the race and Salon Exchange is helping to realize this potential.

Industry Strength

Our industry have always been local and sustainable, and it is getting stronger. It is insulated from global automation and outsourcing. Salon Exchange is brining previously sidelined capital to magnify our strength and enhance value for all stakeholders.

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