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After the successful Initial Free Consultation, we will present to you a consultation report and recommend a plan of actions. At that point, we would establish proper confidentiality and non-compete agreements, so we could dive deeper into the business information. Initial Valuation would require for you to pay a small fee that we would disclose to you during our Initial Free Consultation.

The objective of this stage in our relationship is to establish the Initial Value of your business, supported by a conditional investment or purchase offer of a minority or, if you so desire, a majority stake in the business. The purchase transaction does not have to proceed, but it would give you a substantiated by our offer valuation of your business.


We will discuss the basis of our evaluation and conditions on which we would offer to invest in or purchase your business. Absolutely all information, offers, and actions will remain strictly confidential. We are outside business consultants and, at no point we, will discuss with your stuff or anyone else any aspects of our work.

This stage is essential for establishing our relationship. We will set a starting point from which we will work together to maximize the value of your business.

Please fill out the contact form bellow to begin the journey.

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