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Why Choose Salon Exchange?

Grow Value

The objectives and the business model of Salon Exchange is to establish and then to increase the value of member salons. We do this by implementing tested, and proven best business practices, while preserving the existing culture of member salons.

Not a Broker

Salon Exchange is not a broker with a focus on commission from business transactions. We are a buyer and a salon management company in one. The only way we succeed, if we are able to work with your salon, maintaining or increasing its performance.

Seasoned Industry Pros

The principal founders of Salon Exchange are multi-location salon owners, each with over twenty years of ownership experience. Our salons are members of Intercoiffure America/Canada and other professional organizations.

Win, Win, Win

Salon Exchange is focused on benefiting all stakeholders, including customers with enhanced service experience, hairdressers with increased value of their time, salon owners with increased value and liquidity of their salons, and the local community as a result.

Small Steps

You can engage with Salon Exchange at your own pace and on your own time schedule, starting from Initial Free Consultation, becoming a member and working together, to allowing Salon Exchange to acquire minority or majority interest in your salon.

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